#the great hack

Information wants to be free. So does marriage. NO on 8.

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This video was made for $15.80. All credit due to kind collaborators:
nick douglas - contrib. writer
liz tenenbaum - director
corey denis - music supervisor
sarah thompson - gay not for pay
jacob hellerman - geek dude
heather gold - never dated Jimmy Kimmel.



note from heather: Prop 8, the DMCA of Marriage, just passed 52-48%. Geeks,you can overturn this, and open marriage legally across the US. Hack today!

The Great Hack aims to have geeks use their powers and the Intertubes for good to defeat Prop 8, a measure on the CA ballot on Nov 4th that seeks to copy protect marriage.

Not a geek? No problem! You can still share this video with you friends, post it to your blog and ask everyone you know in California to vote No on Prop 8.

This video is open, as marriage should be. Feel free to remix and share. Post to our facebook group to share what you’ve done.